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Join us in shaping the future, with revolutionary technologies & first-to-market healthcare solutions.

HippoFi™ delivers its cutting-edge healthcare innovations and propriety technologies through the Company’s strategic sales channels and extensive distribution networks and is focused on implementing first-to-market solutions in the multibillion-dollar Biotech, Fintech, and AI markets.


HippoFi Regenerative Therapeutics division is actively deploying scalable biological solutions into the $1.37 Trillion (13.96% CAGR) Biotechnology market through its wholly owned subsidiary PUR Biologics.

HippoFi’s biotech company, PUR Biologics is led by a team of industry executives and strategic alliances who have remained at the forefront of the biotech revolution for more than 20 years.

Combining our strategic channel partners and national distribution network with PUR’s innovations and proprietary technologies, PUR’s current and emerging product portfolio is empowering thousands of spine surgeons across the country, placing advanced technologies into their hands to help continually improve surgical outcomes and patient’s quality of life.

Latest News

August 24, 2022


ORHub Adopts New Name to Reflect Its Fintech Future - "HippoFi"

January 13, 2023


HippoFi Begins 2023 with Strong Sales of Advanced Biomaterials

November 23, 2022

HippoFi’s Regenerative Therapeutics Division Launches PURbridge™ for Spine Surgery

Our Mission as an innovator in healthcare is to provide the highest quality technologies and therapeutics to the patients, professionals, and healthcare facilities we serve.

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